glitch77 cd

Tutti gli emulatori che ci possono servire sul nostro cab con SO Windows
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glitch77 cd

Messaggio da Silvia » 17/04/2006, 12:00

Visto che l'ho citato inserisco maggiori info su questo cd autoconfigurante:
<Please turn wordwrap on>

| ___| __ __ _ __ _ __ _ __ _| ( )___
| |_ | '__/ _` |/ _` |/ _` |/ _` | |// __|
| _|| | | (_| | (_| | (_| | (_| | | \__ \
|_| |_| \__,_|\__, |\__, |\__,_|_| |___/
____ |___/ |___/ _ ____ ____
| __ ) ___ ___ | |_ / ___| _ \
| _ \ / _ \ / _ \| __| | | | | | |
| |_) | (_) | (_) | |_ | |___| |_| |
|____/ \___/ \___/ \__| \____|____/
___ __ __ ________
___ _/ (_) /_____/ //_ /_ /
/ _ `/ / / __/ __/ _ \/ / / /
Enhanced by: \_, /_/_/\__/\__/_//_/_/ /_/

Welcome to the newest version of Fraggals Boot CD

=(1)= Introduction:

First off, I'd like to thank Fraggal for letting me carry on his legendary "Boot CD", and for all his help thoughout my arcade cabinet adventure. {And the unlimited FTP access... Smiley }

Second of all, Id like to thank the MAME team, the Advmame team, all of ArcadeOS's great programmers, and everyone else that makes MAME what it is to this day. Thanks guys.

=(2)= New features to 3.90.1g:

- Completely new install interface
- AdvMAME .62.1
- ArcadeOS 2.5 (Thanks LasVegas!)
- DAMP MP3 player
- Compression! (The .ISO weighs 1/3 less!)
- Fixed goofy random bugs here and there
- ArcadeOS "UPDATE.BAT" support!
- Several more options for installation.

=(3)= Useage:

All you need to run this disk is a computer (duh), a CD-ROM drive (duh), and a hard drive (duh). If you have all these things, it shoudl work. Just start the computer with the Boot Disc in the drive, and your done. (Assumeing that your PC can boot from a CD-ROM [check your motherboard's manual for details].)

Note: There is _no_ need to use a boot floppy to get to the CD-ROM drive under DOS. The disk has a built-in floppy drive emulator that emulates a boot floppy with all the trimmings.

=(4)= What this disc does:

(Depends on what options you choose, but this is a typical installation:)

1. Allows you to partition your drive.*
2. Formats the drive for use.*
3. Installs DOS7 and appropriate configs.
4. Sets up AdvMAME .62.1 (i686/i586/k6).
5. Sets up ArcadeOS 2.5 for use with AdvMAME.
6. Can install DOS CD-ROM support.*
7. Can install DOS mouse support.*
8. Can set up MP3 support with DAMP.*
9. Helps you (but cannot completely) configure video modes.
10. Installs other helpful goodies.


=(5)= Possible problems:

As always, there is a chance that you will screw your machine up with a tool like this. Please do not complain to me about how you formatted your favorite MP3 collection into oblivion when you popped the disc into your PC one night after a kegger.

There is also a chance that you could damage arcade monitor with the video setup tools. Again, use care, and everything will be fine.

Legal spill: BY USEING THIS SOFTWARE PACKAGE, YOU UNDERSTAND THAT IF YOU BREAK IT, YOU BOUGHT IT. I cannot babysit you through the whole prosess, so I cannot guarentee that you will not do anything wrong. As such, I hold no responsibility for your actions henceforth. (Phew!)

=(6)= This is freeware!

NEVER, EVER, EVER (!) charge money for this disc or its contents. You dont "OWN" any of its contents, so you are not authorized to make money from it.

PLEASE SHARE. Pass this thing around. Alot of people are growing tired of fighting the battle that ensues after starting a cabniet project. Help them!

=(7)= Questions & Answers:

- Q: What if my mobo wont boot a cdrom?
- A: Use a boot disk with CD-ROM support, and run DOS.BAT from the disc.

- Q: Will you work on trying to add xxxxx feature?
- A: Sure! Send it to

- A: Die spacemonkey. Dont tell me what to do. Ask me.

- Q: Where can I find ROMs?
- A: The internet. Not from me, or this CD, ever.

=(8 )= Distribution:

You may distribute this file anywhere, anyhow, anytime, for free. Under these conditions:

1. No ROMs may be on the disc unless they are public domain.
2. The Readme.txt must be donwloadable seperatly from the .ISO (for ease of use).

Other than that, have at it. Put it on newsgroups, FTP, Kazaa, eDonkey, web sites, CDs, floppys, DVDs, or even SmartMedia cards for all I care. Just never profit from it.

=(9)= Credits:


Fraggal, for the starting point.
Timberly, for loving me even when I stare at my screen for two straight days. XOXO.
And everyone in the MAME scene for making it possible to do the things we do.




My LiteON 48x 12x 48x CDRW drive, for beeing so speedy.
My MS IntellaMouse for never getting sticky.
And my insane ammound of computer hardware laying around to tinker with.

=(10)= Final thoughts:

This boot cd has been used by many (myself included) to make their dreams become reality. The dream of owning their own arcade, or breathing life back into an old habit that they have all but forgotton. Young and old, tall and short, fat and... well, fat Wink, there is no greater thrill to many than playing a real arcade game, with a real joystick, and never wasting a quarter.

But this CD isnt the real hero here. Its the many people that put hours and hours into the MAME projects that make it all work. And hopefully, when you are playing Pac-Man in your home one day, youll give them a thumbs up for a job damn well done.

**** ****
**** Original ReadMe by Fraggal ****
**** ****

WARNING: Contains grammer so bad you should be at least 45 years old to view it. Tongue Jokin' Fraggy.

burn this iso with any program that will burn iso's. then boot from the cd everything else should be pretty easy to follow.

things it will never do:
put roms on your hard drive you will have to do that your self.
and don't ask me for them

things it does now:
install dos 7.0
advmame-aos 61.1
sound blaster drivers isa and pci
sound blaster live
and sets up your moritor of your choice
MP3 support in arcadeos with mpxplay

things for the future:
let you chose advmenu or arcadeos
advmenu is on the cd and is copied to your hard drive but you have to set it up your self
advcab is also copied but not set up
switch to free dos (will never happen inless freedos is updated to 32 bit)
add damp to arcadeos and do away with mpxplay.

this program was writen by fraggal(me) and comes with
dos 7.0

if you find any problems in my part of this program IE: the installer. then send me an email and i'll try to fix it. do not post this email anywhere.
if looking to chat about mame go to i'm there all the time. (thinks big_O for setting up the chat room.
you can send this iso to whoever you would like but send this readme file with it.
i would like to think all the people that helped me fixing all the many bugs and brave to test the beta thanks guys and gals.

thanks hope you have fun.

things changed in this release:
updated to advmame 61.1
fix a bug in the k6 set up(thanks to pacattack)
did away with the Pentium 1 release of advmame
fix some other miner things
switch from the freeware cdrom driver to the OAKCDROM one to see if cdrom will read faster (thanks to LasVegas)
fixed the set up with SB16 isa cards
things changed in the release.
changed how the advmame.rc files are made.
added the pentium 1 release back in.
changed to advancemame-aos( special comple from thanks LasVegas)
fixed lots of bugs with mame 61.1
added the boot image to the cd so you can change the iso and still make it bootable.
and someother bug fixes.

ISO Image Link (29.5MB): ...

Il progetto non è più supportato e il creatore prega di non contattarlo per problemi....

Per aggiornare advancemame senza cancellare le impostazioni che devo fare? Sostituire l'eseguibile?

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Messaggio da Silvia » 25/04/2006, 20:32

Ho provato ad aggiornare l'advance mame alla versione 104 con arcadeos versione 2.5.

Quando provo a generare la lista dei giochi ottengo sempre l'errore:
"error parsing the event database line 106 for Game 1942b"

Dove sbaglio? In giro non ho trovato niente...

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Re: glitch77 cd

Messaggio da yellowhat73 » 14/01/2018, 19:14

I link sono tutti trova ancora questa immagine iso?


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